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Now paying for your custom designed cake from Cakes Unleashed!! is quick and easy!!!!!!

You can click on the cake icon below and quickly pay with your major credit card. 

No need to worry about sending a check.  PayPal does all the work for you.  

It's a piece of cake!! 

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PayPal—Cakes Unleashed!! service to make fast, easy, and secure payments for your cake purchases!
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Everyone enjoys receiving a Gift Certificate!   

If you want to buy a unique gift for that special someone or a fun gift for that quirky group of friends that really enjoy celebrating in a fun and unique way, then a Gift Certificate from Cakes Unleashed!! will prove to be a special and incredibly cool way to show you care!

A Gift Certificate from Cakes Unleashed!! makes a perfect wedding gift:

Have you ever thought of contributing to a wedding party with a Cake Gift Certificate?  Think how pleased the Bride and Groom will be when they receive your gift that will be applied towards one of Cakes Unleashed!! specialty wedding creations!

  • Gift Certificates are fun: The couple gets to choose a treasured item together.
  • They're easy: You select the dollar amount you wish to contribute and the Bride and Groom can apply it towards their custom designed cake.
  • Gift Certificates are always appreciated: A Gift Certificate won't be the wrong color or duplicate something the Bride and Groom already owns.  And unlike checks or cash, Gift Certificates won't be inadvertently spent on unmemorable items.
  • There's no question about it: Gift Certificates from Cakes Unleashed!! make a truly perfect wedding gift idea.

A popular strategy is to pool resources with other guests to give one substantial Gift Certificate. This works especially well when you know of a large event like a Wedding, Rehersal Dinner, Retirement or Birthday Party.

Let Them Eat Cake!!!

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