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When should I book my Wedding or Specialty Cake?   You should book your wedding cake three to six months in advance. Other specialty cakes should be booked no later than 4 weeks prior to event.  Call us at (530) 616-0825 to book a consultation so you can taste samples and plan your cake.

When is the cake delivered?  The cake is delivered approximately one (1) hour before the reception.

Can I have fresh flowers on my cake?  Yes, you can contact your florist and they will provide the flowers and place them on your cake.

How much will my Wedding or Specialty Cake cost?  Prices depend on the number of people you expect, the complexity of the cake design you select and any non-standard charges for cake decorations. Cakes are priced per person and vary depending on the decoration. Price will be determined within 24 hours of the tasting - based on your needs.


What is a Groom's Cake?  Usually a gift for the groom from the bride, the groom's cake is a smaller cake that's served along with the larger wedding cake at the reception. It can be any flavor or type that the groom prefers.  In addition, it's one of the areas during the wedding/reception that a lot of personality can be thrown into. For instance, the cake is usually shaped/designed/created around the groom's interest(s), i.e., fishing, hunting, sports, etc. 

There's a really interesting old wives tale that goes along with the groom's cake:  It's said that if a young, unmarried woman takes a piece of the groom's cake home with her and places it under her  pillow, whomever she dreams of that night will be her future husband.
During the reception, if there are any uneaten pieces of the groom's cake left, here's a really great idea -- wrap the pieces in tinfoil and distribute them to the unmarried women along with a little note explaining the old wives tale. It's fun, memorable, and may even work!
 What are cake charms?   Cake charms can be used for many different reasons. One of the most popular is for cake pulls.  What are those? Well, we simply attach each charm to a length of ribbon and insert them in between the layers of of your cake with the ribbon extending out beyond the edge of the cake. Then at the reception you have each of your bridesmaids pull out a charm charm for good luck. Each charm represents a unique positive association such as our examples or make your own.


Let there be cake!!

The tiers of the wedding cake symbolize prosperity; the white cake, purity.

The first wedding cake, as we know it today, commemorated the marriage of Queen Victoria's daughter in 1859.

In nineteenth century Europe, the pillars that held up the layers of the wedding cake were made of broom handles.

Early bakers of wedding cakes, not being as skilled as today's modern and certified bakers, often watched as the top layers of their creations slowly sank into the bottom layers.

The first wedding cakes were actually thin loaves of bread, sometimes baked in the shape of birds.