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Reply Bitchass
9:40 PM on March 22, 2012 

I am so so so impressed with your cakes! and I miss you! you have to come visit me up at Trinity Alps Resort this summer if you can. love you bitchass :)


Reply Bob Calabrese
4:27 PM on July 1, 2010 

Hi Deborah,

Great website! The guestbook and members lounge features are great!

Absolutely love all your work! The cake in the photo at the top of this page is fantastic - truly a work of art! Hopefully we'll work together on a cake stand soon!!

Reply Mary Silva
11:40 PM on June 24, 2010 

Debbie, this site is very cool and your cakes are absolutely amazing!  I find myself thinking up reasons to have some kind of party so I can order one of your cakes!!! Or cupcakes!!!  Your talent and artwork are pretty special!  I would love to talk to you sometime!!!

Reply mamadog
7:09 PM on February 10, 2010 

Hi Debbie, Love all the pictures of your cakes that Aunt Goldie shares with me. Very cool website too. Take care. Hugs, Barbet

Reply Kyle E. Steinberg
3:56 PM on October 17, 2009 

you are such an inspiration, to me! Keep up the good works!

love, Kyle:cool:

Reply Ben the baker
7:45 PM on October 4, 2009 


Reply mileycyrus
12:38 PM on September 26, 2009 hey! nice cakes

Reply Nicole
2:35 PM on August 22, 2009 
Hey Debbie, it's a wonderfull Side on your Works. Wonderfull creations and music. Good Luck forever. Nicole from Germany.
Reply Krystal Bartholomew
5:04 PM on July 21, 2009 
I am a friend of Margarita, she gave me your website to check out! WOW what amazing work you do!!! I really want cupcakes for my wedding cake. I was really impressed in your cupcake designs. I would love to hire you for my wedding in fall 2011.
Reply Gail
1:58 PM on July 19, 2009 
NIce work Debbydo.... Its been a long time....
Reply Stacey Prior
2:15 PM on July 13, 2009 
Who knew we had such an extraordinary talent right here in Indian Valley?! Your cakes are amazing!
Reply Juliette
7:19 PM on June 27, 2009 
Hi Debbie- Your website gives me inspiration. I am new to cake decorating. I love it. I currently bake for friends and family. your cakes are gorgeous
Reply Rusty
10:21 PM on June 2, 2009 
Hey Debbie, These cakes are awsome, never knew you were so talented.
Reply Gerie
7:52 PM on May 13, 2009 
I wondered all around your website. You do amazing work and whatever we come up with will be a work of art and make for great photos and memories. Thanks for the tour. Gerie Maybe yo
Reply Petie
7:14 PM on March 8, 2009 
Debbie, Your cakes are so Beautiful, and amazing. My daughter and I just sat and went through and looked at all of them. Gave us some good ideas and inspired us to work harder on our cookies. You are so talented Deb. Keep up the good work.
Reply Brenda
12:32 PM on March 7, 2009 
The drum set cake is fantastic !!!!! What can't you do?Good job.
Reply kayla hindorff
3:23 PM on February 25, 2009 
debbie this is mary's daughter. i wish i could have had you for my wedding and my babyshower. your cakes are so unique truly one of a kind creations!!!!
Reply Brenda (Evergreen)
12:23 PM on February 21, 2009 
I took a look at your cakes...they are beautiful !!! I always try to pass your name along whenever I can.Good job !!!
Reply Chris Easley
11:30 PM on February 10, 2009 
Wow! you are so talented. I was wondering if it would be possible to do a baritone saxophone cake?
Reply Holly Snyder
9:07 PM on November 18, 2008 
I love your site,and the amount of flavors you have is great!You quite a distance from me,but I would travel just to buy a cake from you.
Reply The Tonester
1:29 AM on November 3, 2008 
Hi Debbie Cake's, You invent the coolest stuff for Cakes and Yummies!!!:o)
Reply Urania
2:10 PM on July 9, 2008 
Your site looks incredible. I am an up and coming pastry baker looking for inspiration...and I think I just found it! I wish you the very best :D
Reply Amy
5:33 PM on July 3, 2008 
Wow! Your cakes are amazing. Do people in this area really know what you are capable of? How do you work another job too? Really awesome! Fun Site too!
Reply Tonya
3:49 AM on May 1, 2008 
you are absolutly INCREDIBLE!! My wedding is in January and how I wish you were closer to me. :) Tonya
Reply Kerri Torres
1:31 PM on April 28, 2008 
Deborah! You are amazing! In your e-mail you told me you've only been doing this since late 2005! You are the reason your business has done so well... I wish I had just a small portion of the perseverance, creativity and work ethic that has obviously led you where you are today! Thank you for the advice and help you've given regarding my daughter's cake! If I lived closer I would request you make the cake for the party, since that's not an option I know your advice will make it a success!
Reply angelcakesbyerika
10:58 PM on April 26, 2008 
Beautiful cakes Deborah! From one cake decorator to another, you inspire me. Thanks Erika :)
Reply Margarita
2:54 PM on April 21, 2008 
All the years we spent growing up together and I had no clue how incredibly gifted you are. It seems that every time I check out your gallery I'm blown away by the new additions. Just when I don't think you can get any better, you continue to amaze me with your gift and talent. One of the messages in here really summed it up when they refered to the love that you put in each and every cake. That is true in every aspect of your life and I'm very proud to call you my friend and my sister. Keep up the amazing work. You truly are a master and I love bragging about you to anyone who'll listen. :) Love ya Cookie! You rock!
Reply Stacey
8:24 PM on April 14, 2008 
Your work is AMAZING. I am so grateful that you will be creating our wedding cake. You are awesome.
Reply Jesi
11:46 AM on March 28, 2008 
BEAUTILICIOUS!! I'm a budding cake decorator myself and I'm always blown away by the love and care I see in everyone's cake art. Your whimsical cakes are SO pretty! Question though: how in the world do you even begin to cut and serve something like a giant tree? :) Best wishes to you! PS - you're Mom's note below made me all kinds of teary-eyed. :) Jesi
Reply Katie
6:36 PM on February 28, 2008 
Hi Deborah! I loved your website and am so impressed with your creations. I definitely want you to do our wedding cake in August. I even decided I want a groom's cake now. Thanks!
Reply Risque Cakes
1:32 PM on January 30, 2008 
Great website, and so neat...I MUST get a tutorial from you! You're a class act all the way, and your cakes reflect that. Thanks for being a friend. Mara
Reply Mack
10:32 AM on January 30, 2008 
Hey Deb, I was enjoying your new web site but got so hungry reading about all those delicious cakes, I had to stop and go get a Hostess Ding Dong, yuk. Should have had a slice of your cake instead. (no comments about the term ding dong). Great job on the site. hugs ;-) Mack
Reply Aussie John aka dawizonline
6:32 AM on January 15, 2008 
YAY! I am the first in your Guest Book for 2008! Just dropped in from Australia to say Hi and to tell you I think your cake designs are AWESOME. It's obvious that you love what you do and are good at doing it. I found you via The Original Cupcake Whore's MySpace page. I leave her many comments. :o) Keep up the GREAT work and I hope business for you isn't crumby! LMAO Aussie Hugs - John
Reply Chef Foy
9:20 PM on December 15, 2007 
Absolutely orgasmic! Do you deliver? Cuisinier Avec L'amour!
Reply Tiqua
5:46 PM on December 11, 2007 
I find your site inspirational. Your work is amazing. I aspire to decorate the way you and Bronwen do. God Bless you and your sugar lol
Reply Mom
2:48 AM on November 19, 2007 
Deb, You continue to amaze me each time I see one of your creations!! I know that you can do anything you set your mind and heart to do. You put so many hours in these beautiful cakes and it takes a real talent and consentration to achieve the final look. You are a beautiful daughter and I am very proud of all the talent you have shared with me all these years. You make life so exciting and even a little scary because who knows what you will come up with next? Ha-Ha. Love Always, Mom
Reply Margaret Hindorff Ray
1:29 PM on November 17, 2007 
Deborah, I don't see how you do all these wonderful cakes with such fantastic, and original designs. Some of them are just unbelievably beautiful. I am especially interested in hunting and fishing cakes, as that is what my husband did for his whole life. I made several special cakes for him, but nothing like the ones you have made. Good luck in your advanture into cakeland. I am sure you will do very well and make many people very happy. Much love to you and your Donny, and your mom and grandma too. Aunt Margaret in Fallbrook, California.
Reply Joolz
3:32 PM on September 26, 2007 
Oh my god ! how fantastic are your cakes!! love the bull rider one its fantastic!! I used to do a little cake decorating myself but just dont have the time anymore as i work full time and have 2 young children! Keep up the good work! Nothing to do with cake decorating i know but i breed bunnys over in the UK. Take a look at my site if you want!
Reply Glenn Arbasetti
9:38 AM on September 6, 2007 
Hi Deb! Good luck with your cake business and everything you do. You are a wonderful person and deserve nothing but the best that life can offer, Good Luck Always Glenn
Reply Michael L. Kurihara
3:18 PM on July 17, 2007 
Debbie, you have such a talent at creating the most unique and diverse cakes I've ever seen. Best wishes for the contest and all your future endeavors. Keep up the great work and always believe in yourself!
Reply Tedd Staub
8:27 PM on July 16, 2007 
Deb ... I have to be honest ... your cakes look so delicious ... I have actually found myself licking my computer screen during lunch. This practice had to stop when I was struck with a surge of static electricity. I am confident that your cakes most certainly taste better than my LCD. I want to know when you are going to start shipping your confections to your distant admirers????
Reply Aunt Margaret Ray
7:00 PM on July 16, 2007 
Debbie, your cakes are so unique and so exceptional it is hard to believe that they are edible, and delicious, I am sure. Keep up the good work, and good luck on your entries in this years, contest. All my love, Aunt Margaret Ray
Reply kim jergentz
4:11 PM on July 16, 2007 
As always, the cakes are fabulous and the toppers are even better ! Congratulations on your creativity and your ability to meet (and exceed) your client's expectations ! Those cakes are truly works of art ! You go, girl !!!
Reply Brian Robinson
12:22 PM on July 16, 2007 
You really are the "Ace of Cakes" Your designs, care, and Love you put into every cake shows in the final product. Nobody does it better.... You are the best.
Reply Betty´s Sugar Dreams
5:38 AM on July 15, 2007 
Hi Debs, I always love to look at your cakes, as they have their own style and always look stunning. Keep up your great work! Hugs Tuggster
Reply Sue Peay
11:52 PM on July 14, 2007 
Hi Deborah: Your cakes are awesome!!!! I look forward to the next one. I send the pictures to my daughter who then takes the pictues to her work and they are amazed at your talent. Way to go Girl!!!! Sue
Reply pat mcclary
11:28 PM on July 14, 2007 
I hope this venture takes you all the way. Thanks so very much for helping me out. I owe you a faver. Go cakesunleashed.
Reply Janet Robinson
8:42 PM on July 14, 2007 
Wow, you're a superstar of the cake baking world. Can I have your autograph?!!!! Watch out Ace of Cakes!!! Janet
Reply Patty
7:44 PM on July 14, 2007 
YOU are my idol!!! Seriously. I am so totally amazed with your talents and imagination! Not only a great person and mother but so have it all girl!
Reply Diana
6:47 PM on June 4, 2007 
I was looking for decorating ideas and came across your website. Your cakes are breath-taking. If i can be half as good as this...i would consider myself ultra-lucky:lol: